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Data acquisition software transfers collected data to a file or database. The collected data can be measured, analyzed, or presented on an interface. Data acquisition software helps people store, process, and organize data. Data acquisition software (DAQ software) can be destined with multiple programming languages. Read More…

Data Acquisition Software Data acquisition software is designed to process, record, and analyze information received from various sensors and instruments.

Since our inception, SAKOR has led the market in the development of data acquisition and controls technology. For over 29 years, we have been providing quality products and superior customer service to a variety of markets including marine, automotive, aerospace, military, applicances, and more.

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Dewetron data acquisition instruments feature MULTI-DOMAIN measurement capability. That means that they handle not only analog sensors of every type, but also you can record VIDEO, CAN BUS, 1553, PCM data, ARINC data ... and more.


Onset offers a wide range of USB-based stand-alone data loggers for indoor, outdoor, and underwater monitoring applications. Well suited for rapid deployment, our battery-powered data loggers and weather stations are used to measure a wide range of parameters including temperature, wind, humidity, and many others.

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Custom data acquisition systems are engineered and fabricated by our expert staff. We also make data acquisition product to convey temperature and stress information from engines; rotating equipment or machinery; engine combustors; gas pipeline turbines; or what applies to your application.

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Most businesses purchase DAQ software to set up without the hassle of development and installation. Purchasing a DAQ system is more affordable than maintaining a home-grown data-collecting software package. Consequently, many businesses purchase DAQ software and adjust it to their needs.

data acquisition system

A DAQ system consists of a computer, measurement equipment, and sensors. Only some applications require a DAQ system. Manufacturers should consider using one when collecting data on electrical or physical phenomena. When DAQ systems detect and display measurements, technicians can easily locate and eliminate potential issues. DAQ software optimizes manufacturing processes and enables quicker reactions to potential faults.

Data collection can be a complicated procedure. Human error during input, credit control, system integration, and auditing can cause issues. Databases may need to be updated for accuracy. It takes effort to prepare data in an accessible format. There are numerous feed formats to manage, including flat files and comma-separated values (CSV). One of the main problems is that outside field employees need to comprehend the system you set up. If they don’t, collected data may be erroneous or lost.

Components of a Data Acquisition System

An Analog Digital Converter is the foundation of every data-gathering system (ADC). The electronic analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) process transforms an analog signal into a multilevel digital signal. An analog-to-digital converter will take an analog signal (like a recording) and convert it to a digital signal by quantifying the signal into a binary-coded format that can be displayed or analyzed on different user interfaces.

Analog input can vary. For example, analog input might be human speech or television signals that form sine waves. The ADC process converts the sine waves into a digital signal. The digital signal is easier to measure and analyze.

Signal Conditioning

A signal conditioner transforms an electrical or mechanical signal into an output signal. During this process, the signal is amplified and converted to be compatible with data-collecting software. Signal conditioners help capture precise measurements.

Signal conditioners are multi-faceted gadgets because they must work with various sensors. Different sensors demand different signal processing techniques. For example, signal conditioning for a strain gauge requires stimulation, bridge completion, and calibration.

Circuitry for signal conditioning can be found in a data acquisition system or a transducer. For instance, bridge completion, calibration, and amplification circuits are present in load cells. Many MEM (micro-electro-mechanical) sensors also incorporate signal conditioning.

What Variables can Data Acquisition Software Measure?

DAQ software measures variables like current, voltage, frequency, pressure, temperature, distance, vibration, angles, digital signals, and weight. For example, SCADA is a DAQ system, short for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. SCADA systems specifically collect live data from a remote location. SCADA is often used to monitor voltage or pressure levels in various contexts.

Desired Qualities of Data Acquisition Software

  • It’s beneficial to have user-friendly DAQ software that is easy to modify. The more intuitive the software, the less likely end users will create erroneous data.
  • A good DAQ platform should be capable of basic functions like logging, alerts, and control. However, DAQ software should also be flexible enough to configure for other functions.
  • For easy integration, DAQ software should be built with standardized programming languages for developers.
block diagram for daq system

Benefits of using Data Acquisition Systems

  • DAQ systems are incredibly accurate.
  • DAQ software helps technicians anticipate problems in a manufacturing system.

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